Monday, July 9, 2012

11 Things To Keep Your Mind Off Food

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Do you find yourself thinking about food all day? Here are some tips to help with food cravings and help you finally lose weight.

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How is 11 Things To Keep Your Mind Off Food

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1. Use activity in place of eating. Go to the spa or health club. Clean your house, turn on some music and dance around the house. Walk, run, go swimming, ride a bike, or just keep spirited for 20-30 minutes.

2. Wait ten minutes when you have a craving and start doing something to distract yourself from the urge to eat. Go straight through pictures and construct for a scrap book, try a new hair style, try new eyeshadow colors, whatever to keep your mind off food.

3. If you have pictures of yourself when you were thinner take them out and look at them, hang them on the fridge, see yourself that way now. Imagine yourself finding the same as the pictures and feeling more vigor from carrying less weight.

4. Meditate - sit in a comfortable chair and close your eyes. Relax each part of your body beginning at your feet all the way to the top of your head. Repeat to yourself, I am a thin and wholesome person. I have plentifulness of vigor to do all that I need to do. Repeat this over and over for 5-15 minutes. Do this as many times a day as it takes to keep those food craving in check.

5. Wiggle those cravings away. Lift your arms up over your head and wiggle your fingers, chew gum, tap your feet, act like your conducting a symphony, just keep wiggling. After a few minutes you will not only lift your spirits you may for real forget you were having a craving not to mention you will be burning extra calories.

6. Go out dancing and try to dance as many dances as you can in a row. Order a glass of water or flavored water to keep you hydrated. Just do not have any high calorie drinks. Dancing can burn up to 400 fat per hour and cheer you up so you won't think about food.

7. If you need something for the house or office walk to the store instead of driving. Take along your kids or a friend and make it fun.

8. Do you love to watch television at night but just can not seem to do it without snacking? Take up needle point, knitting or crocheting. Your hands will be to busy to snack and you can make great gifts for your friends and family they will cherish.

9. Grab your kids and go on a nature walk. Make a list of things for the kids to find. Ie; 5 separate kind of leaves, rocks, 4 leaf clovers, trash that needs to be picked up (take a bag and teach them how to keep our earth clean), or whatever you can think of. Not only will this keep you from eating you will get some capability time with the kids.

10. Relax - stress can lead to overeating. If you find yourself stress eating, learn how to relax. By plainly studying to relax you can alleviate the cravings.

11. Take up yoga to help you get in touch with yourself. Yoga is relaxing and will help burn calories. Doing straightforward yoga stretches will help keep your mind off of eating.

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