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Tea For Two or Twenty

Weight Loss Success Photos - Tea For Two or Twenty
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When Linda was laid off from a job she held for twenty-two years, she knew she had to find other source of income-fast. She and her husband did not want to risk losing the historical Victorian house they'd recently purchased. They loved their old home, but as a matter of fact weren't using all the space it offered. With a stroke of entrepreneurialism that you can also mimic, she came up with a profitable way to transform the unused rooms into a rewarding business.

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How is Tea For Two or Twenty

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Linda now runs a flourishing Tea Party business from her home. Can a person as a matter of fact make decent money hosting tea parties? Yes, if you are creative and personable. This business is perfect for person who enjoys event planning and knows how to deliver perfect personal service.

The basic tool needed to start your business will be practically the same regardless of the ages of the participants. Linda provides all things together with invitations, cake, snacks, photos and even a butler and a maid. If you plan to present a formal atmosphere, you will need a tea assistance and at least two dozen teacups and saucers. Depending on the food you serve, you will need to consider table settings, as well. Table linens and napkins and decorations are needed, too. Shop flea markets and estate sales to keep down costs, but as your business begins to thrive you can fetch fancy, exclusive, and formal dining sets. And remember, you can mix and match patterns and pieces, as long as the widespread presentation achieves your idea of perfect ambience.

If your party is going to be less formal, you can pick up festive paper goods at party provide and allowance stores. The advantage here is choosing themed products for different occasions. And occasions for tea are plenty. Birthdays and holidays are the most popular tea parties. You can bring in customers by creating other tea party opportunities. Graduations, showers, retirements, Grandparent's Day, May Day, and mother/daughter outings are some ideas. Advertise your business to Girl Scouts, church groups, sororities and other women's groups. Tea parties have become very fashionable once again, so do not be surprised when population from all walks of life wish to stop in for tea time!

Another twist is to take your tea party on the road. For an extra fee, you can set up in the client's home and clean up afterward. Some party hostesses also offer dress-up clothes, play jewelry, make-up, crafts, games, and even etiquette lessons for younger children. Remember, the more fun and food you are willing to provide, the more money your clients will pay.

Check out the following books for tips, recipes, and inspiration:

* The Tea Party Book by Lucille Rech Penner

* A little Book of Manners by Emilie Barnes

* Country Tea Parties by Maggie Stuckey and Carolyn Buchon

* Having Tea: Recipes and Table Settings by Tricia Foley

* The Totally Tea-Rific Party Book by Hallie Warshaw

Over the years, Linda has perfected the tea party. She adds extra touches from time to time to keep things new and fresh, but the assistance remains the same. Although she runs it as a business, she hardly considers it work. After all, it's a party daily at Linda's house. Either you showcase your own home, or take your show on the road, you might find hosting these celebrations to be just your cup of tea.

*Further Note - Tea Advice*

Loose leaf tea is typically a good capability tea, but is slightly more demanding than just dipping a tea bag. If you are going to seep loose leaf tea, a diffuser is necessary. You can purchase them from an online store or buy them at your local coffee shop.

The recommended estimate of tea leaves is 1 teaspoon for every cup of water. Depending on the tea the temperature's range from 180 degrees to 212 degrees (boiling) and seep times range from 3-7 minutes.

Fairly recently some fellowships have begun to make tea bags from their loose leaf tea leaves. To find tea fellowships that adapt your budget, use internet quest engines. After confidentially sampling different types of teas, when you find some teas you know will be popular, see if you can arrange to buy in bulk (which helps keep the cost down!).

Of policy there is nothing wrong with buying tea from the local grocery store. There are two downsides to this.

1. The capability of the tea will not be as great.

2. There are far less flavor choices.

In expanding to being quite chic, tea parties offer population condition benefits. You can use these tips to encourage those hesitant in a tea party:

* There are many condition benefits to drinking tea. It helps remove optical signs of aging. Tea contains antioxidants that can block the biochemical process that are complicated in an allergic response. Tea also helps alleviate arthritis pain, increases bone strength, fights cancer-causing compounds, lowers "bad" cholesterol, prevents blood from forming and creating blood clots, and a cup of tea is more useful in weight loss than a can of any diet beverage.

* It is the second most popular beverage in the world(next to water), so why not enjoy it with some friends? The tea parties relaxed public atmosphere is good for thinking and emotional well being!

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