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Weight Loss benefit Of Jogging: How To Get Rid Of Love Handles

Do you know about - Weight Loss benefit Of Jogging: How To Get Rid Of Love Handles

Use the advantage of jogging rehearsal to lose love handles

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How is Weight Loss benefit Of Jogging: How To Get Rid Of Love Handles

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If you are anything like I was many years ago you might narrate yourself as 'cuddly' or 'huggable'. anything to disguise the fact that you're a puny overweight and have a few rolls of unsightly fat nearby your middle. If this is you then you might want to learn the underground of how to get rid of love handles.

Sorry, there's no underground way to eliminate love handles but I can tell you about how I managed to lose my love handle fat. It didn't happen overnight and I did have to work at it but gradually the fat nearby my middle and other parts of my body started to melt away and I've managed to stay reasonably lean for many years now.

Nutrition and rehearsal is the key to losing love handles

I didn't know much about food and rehearsal at the time and I still don't know that much but I did know that you need to do some exercise. Any rehearsal is better than none right? I also knew that the more fat you eat the more fat accumulates on your body. I've no idea why it all seems to go on nearby your middle first but it seems to be very common.

The first thing I did was cut down the size of my meals to reduce my calorie intake. This is very difficult to do if you have a low metabolism like I do because you don't have to eat much before you start putting on weight. This means that you probably don't eat much to start with. You can also make adjustments to the things you eat to help you lose fat. For more about food see this article: Food To Help You Lose Weight.

The next step is to introduce some quarterly exercise. This will burn off some of the fat that you consume allowing you to at least eat something. When you rule what type of rehearsal you are going to do you should pick something that you'll enjoy doing and can see yourself doing usually and consistently. That way you'll be able to keep it up for a long time to come.

Jogging to lose weight

I chose to start jogging. I wanted to lose body fat all over but I was most implicated about my love handles. I also knew that I would enjoy jogging in the park along the riverbank. Pleasant surroundings is a definite bonus and incentive to keep going as are the occasions when I happen to meet a girl jogging and swap weight loss notes.

Your weight loss from jogging

Exactly how many fat you'll burn by jogging depends on a number of factors. The heavier you are and the faster you run, the more fat you'll burn. A rule of thumb evaluation suggests that jogging for weight loss will burn off roughly 10 fat per minute. You can use this evaluation to work out how much jogging you are going to need to do.

The calorie burned jogging in 30-minutes 6 times a week will be roughly 1800 fat a week. Someone else rough rule of thumb suggests that 1 pound of body fat is equal to 3500 calories. At this rate you should lose about 1 pound of weight every 2 weeks, which is a very slow but wholesome way to lose weight. This assumes of policy that your weight was stable before you took up the rehearsal and that you don't eat more than you did before.

It was a slow process but over time it did show me how to get rid of love handles because they finally disappeared. I still enjoy the jogging to this day and my love handles have never returned.

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