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Is Sensa A Safe and effective Way to Lose Weight?

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A roster of weight loss products in the market- from scary diet pills to weight reducing juice drinks gives confusing choices for many dieters out there. Every product creates intelligent and persuasive marketing strategies, hoping to take advantage of this booming trend. Who does not want a gorgeous body? But how do you pinpoint the firm that is truly reputable and can be trusted? Is there such thing as a dependable weight loss product that is proven safe and effective?

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How is Is Sensa A Safe and effective Way to Lose Weight?

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Sensa is creating a buzz these days, obvious on weight loss-related forums, blogs and articles. Search the keyword "Sensa" on Google and it will give you over 11 million Search results. Possibly the fancy is not only because it is a unique product with an intelligent selling proposition under its belt, but also due to opposing reactions by the public toward its effectiveness and safety issues. Stories of success and failures after using Sensa can be seen online on many websites and forums.

Scientific Research

Of course, knowing that the product has undergone a clinical trial or scientific research has so much to say about its credibility, safety and success rate. As for Sensa, a clinical study was conducted by a respected neurologist, Dr. Alan Hirsch, Md in 2008. He is also the founder of Smell and Taste treatment research Foundation and creator of Sensa. The basal fancy for this study was the occurrence called, 'sensory definite satiety'. To put it briefly, when you are full, the taste receptors in the body send this message to your brain that your stomach is full and the brain then releases hormones telling the body to stop eating. Sensa accelerates this process and spoofs a signal to the brain that you are already full, hence will help you sacrifice weight overtime.

The study was conducted on more than thousand participants and was conducted for duration of six months. At the end of the 6-month study, the Sensa diet has proven its effectiveness, owing it to certain ensue of the study. The participants had lost 14% of their body mass and an median of 30 pounds. However, a hazy windup remains on the ensue of Sensa after the 6-month trial- did the participants gain back their weight? Truth is as far as Sensa "sprinkle diet" is concerned, there has been no follow-up study conducted.


Every weight loss product, including Sensa, has its own pros and cons. However, if one of the cons includes health hazards, many of us ditch the product instantly, no matter how intelligent the pros are. Unfortunately, Sensa may be productive for some dieters but it also manifests some side effects that can be harmful to one's health. Some of the side effects disclosed by the firm include: probable allergic reaction tomaltodextrin, lactose and carmine,stomach pain, dizziness, gas, hives/ rashes, loose bowels, mystery in breathing and swelling.

When you read online feedback about Sensa, there are also claims that these weight loss crystals also caused rectal bleeding, kidney pains, gall bladder attacks, constipation and nausea. The interrogate is: Are you willing to risk it all for a occasion to get a slimmer figure?


Sensa has seen mixed reviews on internet and by users. Few users say that Sensa is a scam and it should not be used. Many other users say that Sensa is productive and have helped them in reducing weight. Results of health supplement depend on body type and dosage. Different health supplement react differently to people. Therefore, it is always advised that one should consult a physician or a physician before starting Sensa diet or any other health supplement diet.

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