Friday, August 3, 2012

6 Awesome Tips For Losing Weight Fast

Do you know about - 6 Awesome Tips For Losing Weight Fast

Losing weight tip # 1: Use the buddy system. If you are trying to lose weight and your doing all all by yourself chances are, you will never have the same success you would in a group setting. By joining an online sustain group you will have the opening to meet habitancy in your same situation with your same goals, attitude, drive and will to lose weight. The key to a sustain group is that you don't feel alone. You can share your stories, help others perform their goals and get that extra sustain and coaching that you need to meet your own goals.

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Losing weight tip # 2: change your lifestyle not just your diet. When it comes to weight loss we seem to focus so much on diet and exercise and spend petite time looking at our lifestyle. Diets are temporary, exercise can for real be avoided, but if you make an endeavor to change your lifestyle and outlook on the world you are putting yourself in a position for long-term success. habitancy that view their lifestyle as a wholesome lifestyle are far more likely to lose weight than those that think of themselves as a someone on a diet.

Losing weight tip # 3: Document your success. I know it's hard to think of yourself as fat and in many ways looking at a real photograph of yourself is even harder than looking in the mirror but there is no good motivation than to start your new lifestyle off with a set of "before pictures." You don't have to share these pictures with any person but yourself but trust me they are a essential tool in measuring your success and motivating you for the work ahead. As your weight loss progresses update your file of photos to show that your hard work is paying off if you don't document your success it will be much harder to realize it down the road and much easier to slip back into that old lifestyle and put the weight back on.

Losing weight tip # 4: Let your mission be known. Quiet diets never work, casual ideas about exercising never get results. Make your plans and let them be known. Tell your friends, your family, your dog that you are on a mission. By going collective with your desire to lose weight you will now be held accountable for your actions and you will also find sustain in the places you least expect it.

Losing weight tip # 5: Set realistic goals. I'm sure somewhere on some Tv show somebody lost 25 pounds in a week. But is this for real realistic for you? A big key to losing weight is to set realistic goals if your goals are not in line with your ability you are setting yourself up for failure and to be even more depressed than you are now. Set realistic goals not goals that are unattainable and not goals that are so easy you can meet them in your sleep. Like a pedometer on your car your goals need to accelerate as your weight loss does and stay in line with your current abilities.

Losing weight tip # 6 Have faith in yourself. It is great to have a mentor when losing weight, it's extraordinary to have somebody you can look up to that at the end of the day when you visualize that perfect someone in your head visualize yourself. If you don't have faith in yourself no one else will. Either it's during exercise or in the shower or just before you go to bed; visualize yourself meeting all of your goals and being the you that you always dreamed of.

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