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3 Easy Weight Loss Tips for a Healthier New Year

Weight Loss Pictures - 3 Easy Weight Loss Tips for a Healthier New Year
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It's that time of year when we start writing down our New Year's resolutions. For many of us that means it's time to lose a few pounds. Unfortunately, many weight loss resolutions don't last through January, because we get discouraged by a lack of progress.

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How is 3 Easy Weight Loss Tips for a Healthier New Year

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Try these three easy weight loss tips to remove some of those unwanted pounds. You'll get fast first weight loss to keep you motivated, and the changes to your diet will help keep those pounds off for good.

To lose weight quickly without using any expensive (and maybe dangerous) diet pills, you can naturally set aside one day a week to fast, drinking only water (no coffee or caffeinated beverages). Many people claim they'd never be able to go a whole day without eating, but it positively isn't as hard as you would think. Most of us eat our three quadrilateral meals a day even when we aren't positively hungry.

Since we almost never sense hunger, we think we'll keel over if we don't eat our quarterly meals. Of course, some people positively do need to eat every meal because they're diabetic or taking sure medications, but most people will do just fine when they fast for a day. Check with your physician first, of course, just to make sure.

You'll receive some benefits from short fasts that will help you thin down:

1. You'll lose 2 to three pounds, which gives you a great motivational boost.

2. You sense what it's positively like to go for a short time without food - and inspect that it isn't as bad as you probably thought. In fact, most people don't positively feel much of anyone if they only fast for one day.

3. You help to break the habit of eating when you aren't hungry. Overeating positively is a habit. Having a full stomach feels good, so we get into the habit of retention it full, almost all of the time. If you can break that habit by proving to yourself that an empty stomach positively isn't all that bad, it's easier to control your portions and appetite the rest of the week.

My second easy weight loss tip concerns your diet. Since many condition problems, including obesity, are linked with eating animal products, it makes sense to cut back or eliminate the meat, chicken and milk products in your diet. If that sounds too drastic, try dedicating at least one day a week to a purely vegan menu, just to try it out.

To make this turn more fun, go to the library for a cookbook with luscious pictures of vegetarian meals, and try out the ones that look most appealing. Have a meatless chili, perhaps, or a whole-meal salad with a good collection of veggies.

If you don't like raw vegetables all that much, steam some icy veggies for a few minutes before allowing them to cool, and then toss them in with the lettuce. Add nuts for a nice turn of texture and taste. Once you find recipes you positively enjoy, try production two days a week meatless - or three. You will probably lose weight even without counting calories, and your cholesterol counts may also go down.

Speaking of health, the other dietary item that causes weight gain and poor condition is easy carbohydrates like sugar and white flour. Even vegetarians can make themselves fat by eating too much pasta and sweets.

To positively help your New Year's weight loss resolution, try dedicating at least one day a week to meals containing complex carbs instead of processed and refined carbs. Try using brown rice or barley in a casserole, perhaps. Find a local store that sells whole wheat or brown rice pasta. Eat a baked potato instead of noodles (yes, potatoes are good for you, if you don't smother them in butter or gravy).

In fact, most high-carbohydrate foods are positively good for you, as long as they're not over-processed and refined. That naturally means eating an apple instead of a fried apple pie from MacDonald's; eating a fruit salad with fresh melons instead of ice cream; and boiled potatoes instead of potato chips. Once you find out how good unprocessed, whole foods taste, it will be easy to give up the sugar and white flour completely.

With these three easy changes, you should see the numbers on your scale start to go down by a pound or two a week, and that success will help you stick to your resolution.

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